At a time when neglect, ridicule and discrimination were the order of the day for black people, Ellen White offered affirmation, encouragement and assurance of God’s high regard and lofty purposes for the race.


Eternal Worth

They [black people] may have a life that measures with the life of God.

Review and Herald, November 26, 1895

Broad Potential

Many among this race have noble traits of character and keen perception of mind. If they had an opportunity to develop, they would stand upon an equality with the whites.

Review and Herald, December 17, 1895

Much Talent

There is much talent among the colored people.   Review and Herald, December 24, 1895


Available Gifts

There are men of talent in Africa, and if the workers from America knew how to recognize the ability and talent possessed by their African brethren, much more good would be done.

Letter 187, 1899

To many of the colored people God has given rare and precious talents.

General Conference Bulletin, April 14, 1903


Best and Highest

He has bestowed on the colored race some of the best and highest talents.

From a speech to Oakwood students on June 1, 1904


Among the Negro race there are many who have talent and ability.

Testimonies, Volume 9 (1909), 202


Precious Jewels

He sees precious jewels that will shine out from among the colored race.

Review and Herald, February 4, 1896


There are others among the colored people who have quick perceptions and bright minds. Many of the colored race are rich in faith and trust. God sees among them precious jewels that will one day shine out brightly.

Testimonies, Volume 7 (1902), 229


Rugged Resilience

Many who have been looked upon as hopeless will become educators of their [the black] race. Through the grace of God the race that the enemy has for generations oppressed may rise to the dignity of God-given manhood and womanhood.

Testimonies, Volume 7 (1902), 229


Exceptional Workers

There are able colored ministers who have embraced the truth.

Our Duty to the Colored People, March 21, 1891


Given Wisdom

In Africa there were those who because of their humility were supposed to be unable to do much. Christ worked with these men. God gave them wisdom.

Letter 183, 1899


Superior Natural Intelligence

There are among the Negro race those who have superior natural intelligence…

Review and Herald, September 28, 1905


Among the colored believers there are many who can labor to advantage for their own people—workers to whom the Lord has given light and knowledge and who possess capabilities of no mean order.

Testimonies, Volume 9 (1909), 207