Ellen White viewed the continent of Africa as a place of promise and potential that had been a haven to God’s truth through the ages; she urged that skilled workers be sent to work there and that special effort be made to train indigenous workers.


Great Work

God has a great work to be accomplished in Africa, and no plans must be laid without the aid of His infinite wisdom.

Letter 4, 1890

I feel deeply in regard to the missionary work in South Africa.

Letter 92, 1896

The very best talent is required in such fields as Africa and Australia.

Letter 187, 1899


God desires to see the souls of His people in Africa mastered by heaven-born purposes.

Manuscript 31, 1900


In Africa as well as in America and Australia men have been quarried out of the world, not to be left as rough stones, but to be taken into the workshop of God, and placed under the axe and hammer and chisel of gospel truth, till all the roughness disappears, and they are made ready for the heavenly polishing.

Manuscript 31, 1900


One night I fell asleep, and dreamed that I was weeping and praying before the Lord. A hand touched me on the shoulder, and a voice said: ‘I have means in many families in Africa…’

Life Sketches of Ellen G. White (1915), 364


Opening Doors

I feel intensely over the needs of foreign countries, as they have been presented before me. In all parts of the world angels of God are opening doors that a little while ago were closed to the message of truth. From India, from Africa, from China, and from many other places is heard the cry, "Come over and help us."

Gospel Workers (1915), 465

Adaptable Workers

One thing is positive. You must either mingle more of the oil of love, of tender compassion, with your work, your stiffness and coldness must be melted away, or you will not win your way in such a country as Africa. This country needs men who are as firm as a rock to principle, and who have also the simplicity and love of Christ. These can adapt themselves to the situation; they will not leave upon other minds an impression of sternness, and coldness, and harshness.

Letter 102, 1897

Heaven Ready

If the brethren and sisters from America had united with the African believers, songs of joy would have been heard among the heavenly angels, recognizing the human relationship as a union with God. Could the curtain have been rolled back, we would have seen heavenly angels all prepared to co-operate with human intelligence for the advancement of the work.

Letter 187, 1899

Same Heaven

In regard to the question of caste and color, nothing would be gained by making a decided distinction, but the Spirit of God would be grieved. We are all supposed to be preparing for the same heaven. We have the same heavenly Father and the same Redeemer, who loved us and gave Himself for us all, without any distinction. We are nearing the close of this earth's history, and it does not become any child of God to have a proud, haughty heart and turn from any soul who loves God, or to cease to labor for any soul for whom Christ has died. When the love of Christ is cherished in the heart as it should be, when the sweet, subduing spirit of the love of God fills the soul-temple, there will be no caste, no pride of nationality; no difference will be made because of the color of the skin. Each one will help the one who needs tender regard and consolation, of whatever nationality he may be.

Ask yourselves if Christ would make any difference. In assembling His people would He say, Here brother, or, Here sister, your nationality is not Jewish; you are of a different class. Would He say, Those who are dark-skinned may file into the back seats; those of a lighter skin may come up to the front seats.

In one place the proposition was made that a curtain be drawn between the colored people and the white people. I asked, Would Jesus do that? This grieves the heart of Christ. The color of the skin is no criterion as to the value of the soul. By the mighty cleaver of truth we have all been quarried out from the world. God has taken us, all classes, all nations, all languages, all nationalities, and brought us into His workshop, to be prepared for His temple.


To a missionary in South Africa, nearly a half a century before apartheid.

Letter 26, 1900

Ethiopia Stretching Hand

The whole world is opening to the gospel. Ethiopia is stretching out her hands unto God. From Japan and China and India, from the still-darkened lands of our own continent, from every quarter of this world of ours, comes the cry of sin-stricken hearts for a knowledge of the God of love.

Education (1903), 262-263


Missionary Outreach

This was the foundation of the great advent movement of 1844. The falling of the stars in 1833 gave added force to the proclamation of the message of a soon-coming Savior. Through the labors of William Miller and many others in America, of seven hundred ministers in England, of Bengel and others in Germany, of Gaussen and his followers in France and Switzerland, of many ministers in Scandinavia, of a converted Jesuit in South America, and of Dr. Joseph Wolff in many Oriental and African countries, the advent message was carried to a large part of the habitable globe.

The Southern Watchman, January 24, 1905

Sabbath Observed

A striking illustration of Rome's policy toward those who disagree with her was given in the long and bloody persecution of the Waldenses, some of whom were observers of the Sabbath. Others suffered in a similar manner for their fidelity to the fourth commandment. The history of the churches of Ethiopia and Abyssinia is especially significant. Amid the gloom of the Dark Ages, the Christians of Central Africa were lost sight of and forgotten by the world, and for many centuries they enjoyed freedom in the exercise of their faith.

The Great Controversy (1911), 577


The churches of Africa held the Sabbath as it was held by the papal church before her complete apostasy. While they kept the seventh day in obedience to the commandment of God, they abstained from labor on Sunday in conformity to the custom of the church. Upon obtaining supreme power, Rome had trampled upon the Sabbath of God to exalt her own; but the churches of Africa, hidden for nearly a thousand years, did not share in this apostasy. When brought under the sway of Rome, they were forced to set aside the true and exalt the false Sabbath; but no sooner had they regained their independence than they returned to obedience to the fourth commandment.

The Great Controversy (1911), 578


Exemplary Models

Among earth's inhabitants, scattered in every land, there are those who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Like the stars of heaven, which appear only at night, these faithful ones will shine forth when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people. In heathen Africa, in the Catholic lands of Europe and of South America, in China, in India, in the islands of the sea, and in all the dark corners of the earth, God has in reserve a firmament of chosen ones that will yet shine forth amidst the darkness, revealing clearly to an apostate world the transforming power of obedience to His law.

Prophets and Kings (1917), 188