Civil War


There were two dimensions to the Civil War, the human dimension and the supernatural dimension, where the great controversy between God and Satan was waged; Ellen White pulled back the curtain and provided insights into the divine perspective on the terrible conflict.


The North have had no just idea of the strength of the accursed system of slavery. It is this, and this alone, which lies at the foundation of the war.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1862), 254


I was shown that if the object of this war had been to exterminate slavery, then, if desired, England would have helped the North.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1862), 258


God is punishing this nation for the high crime of slavery. He has the destiny of the nation in His hands. He will punish the South for the sin of slavery, and the North for so long suffering its overreaching and overbearing influence.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1862), 264


God is not with the South, and He will punish them dreadfully in the end.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1863), 359

John Brown

"Brown’s motives in that movement [Harper's Ferry Raid] were all right.  His sympathies were aroused for the cruel treatment of the slaves.  That led him to make the move that he did to secure for them what our Declaration of Independence says all men are entitled to—Liberty.  John Brown’s raid was not for plunder nor murder....There [will] yet be a move made in this country on a much greater scale then that of John Brown’s for the liberating of the slaves."

                                                                                                                               Ellen G. White, Fall, 1859

Egypt and the South

The land of Egypt was nearly desolated to bring freedom to the children of Israel; the Southern States were nearly ruined to bring freedom to the colored race.

Review and Herald, December 17, 1895

First Battle of Bull Run

I had a view of the disastrous battle at Manassas [First Battle of Bull Run], Virginia [July 21, 1861]. It was a most exciting, distressing scene. The Southern army had everything in their favor and were prepared for a dreadful contest. The Northern army was moving on with triumph, not doubting but that they would be victorious. Many were reckless and marched forward boastingly, as though victory were already theirs. As they neared the battlefield, many were almost fainting through weariness and want of refreshment. They did not expect so fierce an encounter. They rushed into battle and fought bravely, desperately. The dead and dying were on every side. Both the North and the South suffered severely.

The Southern men felt the battle, and in a little while would have been driven back still further. The Northern men were rushing on, although their destruction was very great. Just then an angel descended and waved his hand backward. Instantly there was confusion in the ranks. It appeared to the Northern men that their troops were retreating, when it was not so in reality, and a precipitate retreat commenced. This seemed wonderful to me.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1862), 266-267

Divine Intervention

Then it was explained that God had this nation in His own hand, and would not suffer victories to be gained faster than He ordained, and would permit no more losses to the Northern men than in His wisdom He saw fit, to punish them for their sins. And had the Northern army at this time pushed the battle still further in their fainting, exhausted condition, the far greater struggle and destruction which awaited them would have caused great triumph in the South. God would not permit this, and sent an angel to interfere. The sudden falling back of the Northern troops is a mystery to all. They know not that God's hand was in the matter.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1862), 267

Devilish Communication

Very many men in authority, generals and officers, act in conformity with instructions communicated by spirits. The spirits of devils, professing to be dead warriors and skillful generals, communicate with men in authority and control many of their movements. One general has directions from these spirits to make special moves and is flattered with the hope of success. Another receives directions which differ widely from those given to the first. Sometimes those who follow the directions given obtain a victory, but more frequently they meet with defeat.

Testimonies, Volume 1 (1863), 363

United States—Tested

The Lord God of Israel has looked upon the vast number of human beings who were held in slavery in the United States of America. The United States has been a refuge for the oppressed. It has been spoken of as the bulwark of religious liberty. God has done more for this country than for any other country upon which the sun shines. It has been marvelously preserved from war and bloodshed. God saw the foul blot of slavery upon this land, He marked the sufferings that were endured by the colored people. He moved upon the hearts of men to work in behalf of those who were so cruelly oppressed. The Southern States became one terrible battlefield.

Review and Herald, December 17, 1895

Miraculous Emancipation

The graves of American sons who had enlisted to deliver the oppressed race are thick in its soil. Many fell in death, giving their lives to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that were bound. God spoke concerning the captivity of the colored people as verily as He did concerning the Hebrew captives, and said: "I have surely seen the affliction of my people...and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; and I am come down to deliver them." The Lord wrought in freeing the Southern slaves…

Review and Herald, December 17, 1895