Essays on Black Adventist History

Africa: God's Choice for the Preservation of the Truth


An Interview with Rothacker Childs Smith


Eric Williams addresses Seventh-day Adventists


The Beginning of Black Adventism in Canada


In Search of Utopia


Remembering Lucy Byard


When Magic Johnson was Seventh-day Adventist


Nelson Mandela and Adventists


"Nothing to Fear": William Foy and the Gift of Prophecy


Sojourner Truth as a Millerite


John Loughborough on William Foy


Some Facts Concerning Your Church History


The World Greets the New Year


Vicksburg's Last Chance


"I Shall Never Forget Him": A Black Man Remembers Abram LaRue


A Preacher was Born


"Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia"


The Great Controversy and the Coming Global Christianity


The Mystery of the Unplowed Joints


A Satisfying Merger


The Father of Black Adventism


Our Firm Foundation and Black People


Black Adventists and Theology


Malcolm X and Seventh-day Adventists


An Interview with Ian Sweeney


Muammar Gadaffi and Adventism


Barack Obama and Adventism


Jesus in Jail


9/11 and True Adventism


The Woman who wouldn't be Quiet


Jesus and African Women


Adventism's Aquamaniac


Africa's Sabbath Heroes


The Mecca of Black Adventism


The Career of the Unknown President


When a Man of Color was Nominated President of the General Conference


Ted Wilson and Africa