Below are brief histories of black Adventism by a number of authors, some articles and

others extracted from books. 

101 Facts about Regional Conferences, by Delbert Baker (1990)


A History of the Black Work in Lake Union, by Lake Union (1998)


A Record of Growth and Achievement, by North American Informant (1965)


A Remarkable Century of Progress, by Jacob Justiss (1971)


Adventism's Original Sin, Parts 1-8, by Douglas Morgan (2017)

Adventism's Rainbow Coalition, by Roy Branson (1995)

African-American Heritage, Southern Tidings (2006)


Allegheny Conference, by Douglas Morgan (2020)

American Negro Evangelism, by Arthur Spalding (1962)

Beginnings of the Work in the Pacific Northwest (1987)


Black Adventism in the American West, North American Informant (1961)


Black Adventism in Retrospect, Oakwood Acorn (1976)

Blacks, by Malcolm Bull and Keith Lockhart (1989)

Blank Pages in SDA History, by C.E. Dudley (1983)

From Small Beginnings to the End of Time, by C.E. Dudley (1990)


Eighty Years of Adventism, by H.D. Singleton (1995)


Entering a Neglected Field, by Richard Schwartz (1979)


In Search of Roots, by Delbert Baker (1993)


Into the South, by Arthur Spalding (1949)

Ministering to Minorities, by Arthur Spalding (1962)

Moments in the History of SDA Blacks in the North American Division, by C.E. Dudley (1988)

"Negro Department" from Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia (1996)


"Office of Human Relations" from Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia (1996)


Origin and Development of the SDA Work in the South, by O.B. Edwards (1942)


Seventh-day Adventists in Alabama, by Benjamin Baker (2018)

Some Facts Concerning Your Church History, by G.E. Peters (1949)


Special Emphasis: Black Adventism, Adventist Review (1984)

The American Negro Work, in Lessons in Denominational History (1949)

The Black Experience in Adventism, 1840-1930, by Clifford Jones (2006)


The Black SDA Woman, by Stephanie Johnson (1983)

The Black Work, by C.E. Dudley (1986)

The Negro Work, by M.E. Olsen (1926)


The Light Rises in the West, by Earl Canson (1987)


The Regional Department, by the GC Department of Education (1956)


The Third Angel's Message and The American Negro, by Matilda Erickson Andross (1926)

What God Hath Wrought, by H.D. Singleton (1975)